Thank you for stopping by and welcome to the wanderlust side of me. After six years of work, I decided to take a career break while figuring out what to do with my life. So I boarded a flight to Italy and started venturing out into the big wide world. I found my way through the maze of canals in Venice, tasted as many local delights as I could and sipped ginger tea at the top of snowy mountains. I slept on strangers’ couch from the French Riviera to Eastern Europe, learning to trust others and have faith in myself. Fast forward a couple of months later, a letter came from the other side of the world and shifted me to New Zealand on an eighteen-month scholarship, where I was blessed to study, explore the country and continue growing myself as a person. A dream come true when I least expected it.

Still lost in life, but I am striving to be better and happier every single day.