Writing in a second language is never easy. It’s even harder when I’m not that good in terms of articulating myself, but I’ll think it out loud and admit my struggles.

I spend 7-8 hours per post (not this one), sometimes longer. Researching and re-arranging thoughts consume most of the time. Word choice comes next, and oftentimes I try to look up for synonyms of whichever word popping into my head. There has to be more than one way to describe things. This is not to fake the language skill. The original idea of me starting this blog was to learn. The thing is, although my vocabulary gets richer overtime, it still takes forever for me to write because I won’t stop searching for new words or new ways of saying.

After publishing a new post (finally), I’d hold my breadth to see how many have clicked. It hurts a little when the post views outnumber the likes. Sometimes I’d wonder why one post gets fewer likes than another regardless of how much time and efforts were spent on it.

I do have great admiration for fellow bloggers who can publish so frequently and draw in dozens, even hundreds of likes and comments. It hit me like WOW, how did they do it! Will that day come to me? 🙂

Tell me about your experience. Did you face any struggle when first starting a blog? How long do you usually work on each post? How to write faster?


36 thoughts on “Confessions of a blogger beginner

  1. We’re on the same ground,my friend…from second language and new blogger issues…but I believe you will fare well because your honesty rings from your blogs. Note: I did not skim through this post of yours…I read it and I like it.

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  2. From what I see, “blockbuster” blogs are usually the ones with how-to posts and guides to a certain topic – mostly travel, food, beauty and photography. They tend to be descriptive but of course, helpful with lots of tips or knowledge. It almost feels like reading magazine articles. They always have great photographs as well.

    If one day, I want to have a blockbuster blog too, I will write more useful posts and invest more time on photoshop skills. But for now, I like writing about random stuff which might be trivial to others, but inspiring for me. It is mostly a travel diary for me – something I can look at when I am out of inspirations – and I don’t mind sharing it with anyone who is interested. That’s why I started blogging. 🙂

    What I love about your blog are the personal insights and sincere feelings. Keep it that way! It is great as it is!

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  3. I faced the same struggles with you when first starting my blog, dear! I spent days or even months on a post, so you should feel proud of your 7-8-hour process lol. I sometimes also wondered about likes and clicks as you and compared myself with other bloggers. I did try to push myself harder so that I can produce more posts or change my writing style to fit readers’ preferences. But time to time, I realized that way of thinking would bring me to nowhere.
    I started writing blog, first of all, because of myself and to satisfy my own hobby and desire. It’s where I share my own thoughts, my own experiences and my own feelings. It would be great if someone could understand it and share the same view with me or even like what I wrote. But even if it’s not the case I still feel happy because I have a place to be who I am the most. After thinking that way, I felt much more relieved.
    Now when I look at my own blog and every post on that, though not perfect and beautiful enough, they still make me feel proud. And you should have that kind of feeling too as when I read your blog I can see lots of efforts and love you put into every single post. Just keep it that way. Believe me, what’s from hearts will go straight to hearts. And your blog has a heart from me, already 🙂

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  4. Hi!! I love this post! I’m a new blogger and your page is definitely inspiring! I also understand how you feel on wondering if people will even read what you post and even like it when working so hard on it. The important this is you are open and writing about what you are passionate about! I’m looking forward to reading more!

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  5. I’ve been blogging for a decade. At first I wrote about my efforts at simple living (blog deleted now). Then about my adventures in the outdoors (http://transtri.wordpress.com & http://transtri2.wordpress.com). Now I blog about my travels (http://looking442.wordpress.com)

    I checked my stats for the first five or six years I wrote. Now I never check. I notice likes and respond to most comments. But it doesn’t affect my writing or desire to write. I blog because I’m a Mercurian Virgo with mid heaven in Gemini. I need to communicate. I need to share stories. If only so one day I can look back through my blog as a record of my adventures (like a modern day photo album) or so others looking for information about places I’ve traveled can learn from my experiences.

    The trick with blogging is to know why you do it, only invest as much time as you have free (my posts rarely take more than two hours to publish and most of that time is spent trying to import photos on slow internet connections), and being realistic about the blog being just one in a sea of blogs

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    1. Yes, Andrew I won’t let this affect my desire for writing of course, the idea of starting this blog is to practice English and keep a record of my travels. Never expect to stumble upon so many inspiring travelers and people from different backgrounds till adding them to my reading list and interacting with them. But well, probably as a Mars Arian I’m curious to see if anyone, out of millions of bloggers out there, interested in my content? 😜 Thank you for waking me up, hehe

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  6. Don’t worry it will get better! I have been blogging now for year regularly and it is still quite hard at times. I am struggling with English and I think it will never be “easy”. However it gets better (or I don’t care as much anymore…)

    Nowadays I use 1-3 hours per post. Only good tip I can give for you is to keep writing. You get faster and better when you write more. And don’t care for those numbers and likes. I have read you posts so I can say that you are good writer and will get even more audience if you just keep writing. 🙂

    I hope all good for you and your blog!

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    1. Thanks Viivi for your sincere and kind words. You said it right, I’d better just focus on producing the quality content instead of checking numbers all the time haha. By the way, happy belated one year anniversary of your blog. You’re doing great!

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  7. Congratulation on the successive awards validating your blogging effort and enthusiasm! I also knew about an exciting community of traveling bloggers, who happen to be open-minded and energetic and like to share and encourage their fellows. It gives me a new perspective on blogging, which has always been for my personal rambling. I am sorry that I do not like or comment that often to let you know how inspiring you are, but I can assure that your Stats counts me in for every entries. Wish the day will come to you very soon!
    My primary struggle when writing is to put my thoughts into words, 2nd language comes next. Hence it takes me hours to write but every time rereading, I feel proud of myself. Yeah, it is just that I seem to write to my future self.

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    1. Please don’t be sorry, I didn’t realise how shallow I am until today when you guys all make me understand those numbers aren’t going to drive the bloggers forward. It’s the content that matters. But after all I’m glad I jotted down these thoughts today so that my mind is clearer. By the way, I followed your blog but never seen email updates when you publish a new post, and there’s some technical error with your blog display on laptop I think (on mobile app no problem). Can you please check? Hope to read and hear more from you! 😛


  8. Of course you will! Patience is what’s needed.
    We like to read the blogs of other folks. And we like to ask questions. Comment on their posts. In some way it lets others realize you HAVE read their post instead of skimming over it. Just like this one! LOL.
    Do this enough and you will have folks come to read you too and comment. Likes we are not after. Its the commentary conversations that we’re after!

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