Hello world, it’s been a while since my last post. Just to give you a quick update, I have transported myself to New Zealand, a beautiful sun-kissed island country in the southwest of the Pacific ocean where I’m going to study for 18 months AND travel sometime in between.

It’s late summer here in Auckland, the sun shines more or less 12 hours a day and while strolling along the tree-line roads you can hear cicadas singing tirelessly. I’ve temporarily settled in Point Chevalier peninsula in West Auckland where bungalows and villa are quite popular, exposed themselves to an insanely vast blue sky in the background. The suburb seems quiet but the nearest supermarkets and bus stops are a few minutes walk from my place and school isn’t so far away. Almost every house has a grass lawn in the front yard, some even have overgrown fences with lovely little flowers of all colors…And kiwi people are the friendliest human beings on earth. Everyone smiles at you. Bus drivers greet you the moment you step on their vehicle. Strangers offers help when you seem to get lost. I mean if there is one place that can be called utopia, this is it.


The center is more vibrant but never lacks open space.  I’m not exaggerating to say there is greenery everywhere you look. Auckland itself is a giant park. Alongside the cool ocean breeze, the hills and plants naturally purify the air so you won’t even feel tired after walking under the sun all day. Somehow it reminds me of Singapore where nature and the fast-paced modern life seem to harmonize, while the hilly steep roads gave me a flashback to my hectic business trip in San Francisco a couple of years ago. Since I’ll be slowly discovering this beautiful country, stay tuned for more fascinating stuffs to come. Meanwhile this is a sneak peek 😉

Albert Park

Auckland Central

 St Andrew’s Church

 St Paul’s church

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11 thoughts on “Kia ora from New Zealand

      1. Oh we’re probably the worst to give travel advise. We are just too fickle! LOL.
        But if we could do New Zealand again, it would be to round up South Island completely. The last we did was just the main sites (Queenstown, Fox, Dunedin etc). If you can find ways to see the raw New Zealand further south than south, that’ll be fabulous!
        But start with the main sites first, of course. Auckland is where you will be based we presume?

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      2. Yes Auckland is my base. Will save the South island for school breaks!! I guess without a car it’ll be quite hard to fully explore this country…so I’ll need to figure out a way!!! Thank you!

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