This July marks one year since I published my first travel post on this blog. It also marks a year of major changes as I quit what used to be my dream job and ventured out to the big wide world.

There is so much to reflect on the past blogging year but above all I have found something I’m truly passionate about. Blogging isn’t just about writing down whatever comes out of my mind. It’s about reflecting on what I’ve seen and learned from every journey. It’s about keeping the finest memories alive. It’s about me learning to untangle complex thoughts and reveal myself to readers as a person. It also gives me something to look back and see how far I have gone. This time last year, I was just scanning flights to Italy while enjoying my last days at work. Less than two months later I would leave Vietnam for Italy, having my first couch-surfing experience, doing my first trek and starting to draft my big travel plan to backpack around Europe. It’s been a long journey. Now here I am, 6000 miles away from home, seeing breadth and depth of New Zealand while picking up new skills and knowledge to transit my career.

I recall writing drafts for the blog anytime and anywhere —  when I was climbing mountains, waiting for the metro, touring museums, and most of the time, during bus rides. And remember Confessions of a Blogger Beginner published earlier this year? I was so preoccupied about blogging those days, you know, counting likes and comments all the time. It ended up being one of the most active posts by far, warming my heart with words of encouragement and so much love from other fellow bloggers. So let me take this chance to thank you for having followed my journey, for stopping by this blog to read my travel stories and share yours. Thank you for making me feel part of this growing community. Here’s to more years of blogging to come!


18 thoughts on “One year blogging anniversary

  1. What a beautifully written retrospective post☺️☺️ it makes me happy to write about our travel experiences and stories 💛 however what puts me off about blogging is people who would follow and then unfollow if you don’t follow back in a day or so😤 they just want the number of followers to go up without engaging!
    Anyways, sorry for digressing, I love to read about your experiences more so as I want to visit New Zealand. Cheers, Charu

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    1. How sweet you are Charu! Just focus on what we love doing and we’ll get loyal readers. There’s so much to see in NZ, I can’t wait to write down my experiences in the North islands thus far. But NZ is much more beautiful in the South, I’ll go down there in November. When are you coming??? ❤


  2. Your courage and determination of pursuing your dream and your hobbies are so admirable, particularly, when considering us as traditional women though much ‘ve been changed today. Keep up blogging, girl. I do like them very much. Cheers

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    1. Thanks Michelle. Strong and modern women who have broken down every stereotype, who dare to think big and go far are my greatest source of inspiration. ❤


  3. Congratulations. Blogging adds so much to our lives and our travels. I have my eyes and ears more open than ever especially when travelling. My experiences are far greater now and I get to relive every trip again when I write about it.


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