After the Scott’s track, we made a detour off the West coast highway to Hokitika Gorge for some relaxing short walks. The whole track was no more than thirty minutes long, and Hokitika river would reveal itself before we broke any sweat. The river meandered through a beautiful landscape of granite cliffs and lush rimy forests. On a sunny summer day, it shined a bright, milky turquoise color that seemed so surreal.

The unusual color of Hokitika river boils down to its natural geography. Beginning in the Southern Alps, Hokitika river flows north west to enter the Tasman Sea at this township. Right here it is blended with rock flour (finely ground from the granite), melted ice and minerals (from the ancient glaciers) to gain itself an awe-inspiring hue.

The swing bridge gave us the most spectacular sights over the granite gorge, native bush of the west coast region and the Hokitika river. There was a bit of adrenaline crush as we crossed, but it was fascinating at the same time to be up in the air and taking in one of the most bizarre things nature ever created. From here it was only a few minutes walk till the rock sided gorge, where people could enjoy a swim in the vibrant blue waters.

Believe it or not, our photos weren’t filtered or edited at all.








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