I boarded the flight back to Milan just a couple of days after my uni’s autumn break kicked in. For some reason, it felt like I never left the place, perhaps I had lived there in one of my past lives.

We planned to see a few places outside of Italy but were in no hurry. After a very long flight, I spent a few days just recovering the jet flag and enjoying the ordinary. Walking around Duomo. Shopping for groceries. Catching up with an old friend. And cooking. Just like old times.

2018 Italy - Milan-14.jpg

Milan might not be the best place to travel to, there wasn’t much to see, but it’s definitely a great city to live in. It’s filled with designer shops, art galleries, historic monuments, and theaters; but just a train ride away, you’ve got lush green parks, canals, even paddy fields. At the Vimodrone neighborhood where I stayed, the cherry blossoms had begun blooming.

Here and there, spring is just around the corner. 


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