A local-touched Christmas Eve

As a non-Christian, Christmas didn't have much of a meaning to me but this time I decided to have it the local way. Turns out it was quite a memorable experience.


Turin – where the adventures begin

Turin is best known as the former capital of united Italy and also the birthplace of its first King Vittorio Emanuel II. But one can learn that by staying at home and reading guidebooks. We all travel to learn something new. For this reason I decided to go slow to get the essence of each place I visit, and try to stay, or at least meet up and talk with locals as much as I can. Couch-surfing is one of the best ways of doing so.

THE enchanting Venice

Everything in Venice has a soul, from the canals snaking around the city, the old brick houses with Arabic-style windows, the grey stone walkways to the black wooden gondolas carrying loving couples. To me every moment in Venice was memorable, but if you ask what I love most about Venice, here's my top five: